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Dae Mul Episode 1

Synopsis Dae Mul Episode 1


Drama based on Manhwa by Park In kwon of the same name that was published in sports newspaper. The story about Civil rights lawyer Seo Hye-rim jumps into the political race with Ha Ryu and becomes the first female president but then liberties has be made for changes

Anchorwoman Seo Hye-rim (Go Hyun Jung) while protesting about her husband’s undeserved death after a political mismanagement, enters politics by proposal of Kang Tae San (Cha In Pyo) who is a member of the ruling party and a strong candidate for the next presidential elections. With the help of Ha Doya (Kwon Sang Woo) who he had known since her childhood days, Seo Hye-rim eyes the position of president as well & Kang Tae-san, who has no thoughts of yielding to Seo Hye Rim, become rivals and clash against each other.

Daemul is based on the second of the series of artist Park In Kwon’s comic of the same name that it can be summarized as ‘The project to create Korea’s first female president’, but it differentiates itself in the characteristics of the main characters and its structure. Seo Hye Rim’s job has changed from being a female human rights lawyer to an anchorwoman-turned- environmental activist. The role of a back-stabbing womanizer-turned prosecutor that Ha Do Ya has taken on has changed as well — he is a combination of the Ha Doya and Ha Ryu brothers from the comic. How the absence of Ha Ryu who was a key character in the comic, will be substituted will be crucial to the series.

In the end, Daemul is about ‘the good president that all citizens want’. Seo Hye-rim is close to the fantasy for viewers who dream of the ideal president but the incidents derived from reality suggest that Daemul will not end as a mere fantasy. We hope President Seo Hye-rim will have to face in her task to capture the hearts of people who are divided up with dramatic opinions.

Those who have seen Geena Davis “Commander In Chief” may take this in comparison on how issue will be tackles in the drama & in realistic of politics. If we look at the drama to be seen as completely divorce for modern politics then it will be seen unreal with the recent events of such as the sinking of a submarine & impeachment of a President appear. The sunken submarine, the controversy over humiliating diplomacy, an impeached president, a camera reporter who loses his life after being kidnapped in a disputed area, & a beautiful curator who uses artwork to lobby, will surely contains incidents which can be recognized by anyone who has watched even a little bit of news, is a fantasy and as well as satire of Korea’s political scene, in which I am about to thread on unchartered waters….politics is certainly not my deftness.

Daemul Summary 1

President Motorcade leaves Cheon Wa Dae as the guard at the gate salutes the leaving motorcade then leads to the highway as the flags of Korea & President Flag flies, then reaching the airport to embark on a awaiting plane that is on the runway tarmac laid with red carpet, President Seo Hye Rim alight from her limousine with rather high heels shoes, an official opens an umbrella to shed her from the sunshine. As she meets with the line of people who is sending her off, she asked the official to remove the umbrella that doesn’t he see that people are lining up in the hot sunshine waiting for her. President Seo Hye Rim walks the red carpet & acknowledge the applauding crowd, the Military personnel salutes her as she steps up to embark on her plane, she turns to waves to the crowd as she departs.

President Seo Hye Rim tries to assure herself that she is just on the plane. President Seo Hye Rim has a fear for flying as the President Physician in attendance gave her some medication to calm her anxiety then assures to make her rest for the journey. President Seo Hye Rim tells why she has fears of heights that it is more frightful than snakes. President Physician tells that many acrophobia sufferers of her kind of phobia in this world. The pilot asked President Seo Hye Rim permission to take off. President Seo Hye Rim grips her seat.

Meanwhile a Korean submarine in unchartered water swayed off from course & meets with a collision accident. The submarine takes water after the collision. The submarine captain is told by his crew that the submarine is taking water as the Captain asked the crew to repairs but the crew tells that it is of no vain as they don’t have proper equipment. The crew tells that if they don’t shut down the ballast tank they can’t maintain buoyancy. The captain asked for their location, then Quarter Master tells that they are at the coordinates of AG235 CD294, then the Captain realise their location & the Quarter Master tells that they are in Chinese waters.

The Quartermaster is responsible for determining the submarine’s position, which is determined by tracking the vehicle’s latitude, longitude and depth. The Quartermaster of the Watch relies on sonar, satellite and external communication to track the ship’s location relative to bases, land masses and other ships or submarines.

The captain all crew to gather on deck then send a SOS signal as the command to lock down the ballistic tank & gather on deck.

President Seo Hye Rim goes to the White House to meet the US President who make friendly comments that he meets head of states that are too tall or short that he will get a stiff neck, it was nice for him to meet the Korean president that has the same eye line when they speak. President Seo Hye Rim tells that the last time they meet, she has grown taller (this is why she wore those heels), President Seo Hye Rim tells that she doesn’t wish to have someone over her head either as she tells her staff in Korean.

US President invites President Seo Hye Rim to sit down. President Seo Hye Rim tells that the US wants to reduce their trade deficit with Korea that she acknowledge & aware then explains their free trade policy then the construction project by Korean companies in the US, when the Arms Forces Chief gets word about the Korean sinking submarine. Arms Forces Chief signal to President Seo Hye Rim to have the private word.

President Seo Hye Rim is informs of the sinking submarine & that it is now stranded in Chinese Waters. The Arms Forces Chief tells that each country do have their covet Military exercises. President Seo Hye Rim is concern about how many crew are on board. The Arms Force Chief tells that there is total of 20 crews on board. President Seo Hye Rim orders to launch a rescue operation for the submarine crew at once. The Arms Force Chief tells that they already has been deploy but the response is not favourable as the Chinese Navy has blockage the areas for trespassing their waters. The Arms Force Chief tells that if they sent Military personnel to rescue the submarine crew to enter Chinese water, then it will be seen as a threat of war of engagement for the Chinese. President Seo Hye Rim asked the Arms Forces Chief of any alternatives. The Arms Force Chief tells according to Military protocol of engagement, in this kind of situation is to allow the submarine to be oxidised (run out of air). President Seo Hye Rim is shocked that the Arms Forces Chief is planning to crew to have a sea burial at the bottom of the sea bed. The Arms Forces Chief understands President Seo Hye Rim’s feelings but the submarine is not in their country’s water then to enter Military personnel to someone waters during war time & they must seek the approval of the US President. President Seo Hye Rim tells that this is for war time & currently they are not at war.

The US President gives his disapproval that he is oppose President Seo Hye Rim’s plan to rescue the submarine crew. President Seo Hye Rim tells that if she orders Military rescue to save the submarine crew. The US President threaten that if she does so, the South Korean & US Alliance will be broken & South Korean will have to bear full responsibilities on her actions. President Seo Hye Rim tells that she will broker with China & it will be solely South Korean’s action. President Seo Hye Rim tells that as she is their President, the submarine crew will want their President to rescue them. The South Korean populace must able to be provided sovereignty protection of their own country & this is the reason why she became the President.

The submarine crew taking water & now at waist height, as the Captain asked how must air do they have. The Quartermaster tells they have about 30 hours. The Captain assures his crew that they still have time & they will wait for rescue, if they are not rescue, they will not cause trouble for the country, they will go down with the ship when they run out of air & asked whether his crew is clear as they acknowledge the Captain’s orders.

Cheong Wa Dae having a press conference with the press about President Seo Hye Rim’s US visit then half way through her visit, she goes to China then asked what are the reasons. Press Secretary tells that just has he said President Seo Hye Rim’s visit is confidential. Then one foreign reporters voice that he has heard recently that South Korean submarine was founded stranded in Chinese water, isn’t that the real reason that President Seo Hye Rim went to China. Then a roar from the press.

Tiananmen Square. The Chinese President meets with President Seo Hye Rim express his dissatisfaction in the South Korean Foreign diplomatic relation policy, how a Head of State without the other country’s invitation can comes to pay such abrupt visit. President Seo Hye Rim tells that she is here to asked for China’s help then President Seo Hye Rim bows to the Chinese President. The Chinese President is slight embarrass by President Seo Hye Rim’s bow as Chinese President tells that Head of States, don’t need to render such politeness of respect. President Seo Hye Rim’s staff frown on her bow.

We will not comment why the Chinese President is seen wearing a Mao suit or Zhongshan suit although none of the Chinese Presidents wear them but then this is a story depicts from a Manhwa.

President Seo Hye Rim tells the Chinese President is well aware there is a South Korean submarine that is found stranded in Chinese waters & that they only have 96 hours of air, now 72 hours has already passed & if China don’t render in the rescue effort then they will sent 20 sailors to their watery grave. The Chinese President invites President Seo Hye Rim to take a seat. The Chinese President queries why the South Korean submarine is doing in their water, would it perhaps they are on a covet assignment of spying. President Seo Hye Rim tells that the Chinese navy also are doing the same in South Korean waters as information gathering activities. The Chinese President frown on President Seo Hye Rim’s remark.

President Seo Hye Rim tells the Chinese President that if China doesn’t render rescue effort to her submarine crew then she will order & sent South Korean Military immediately to engage in rescuing the crew members. The Chinese President asked whether they now speaking of engagement of war. President Seo Hye Rim tells that because she wants to avoid the threat of engagement of war, she has come here to bow in earnest plea for Chinese President’s help to provide rescue effort. President Seo Hye Rim reiterates her earnest plea to the Chinese President.

In the National Assembly of Korea known as Gukhoe, the ruling party that President Seo Hye Rim bowing to the Chinese President is seen as the Nation’s disgrace that was broadcast on television & tells where is their country’s dignity has gone to, if this persist then it is an act of war. President Seo Hye Rim who is seen as reckless threaten to bring the South Korean Military into Chinese water for rescue efforts. The official tells what is merely some sailors in a sunken submarine, they should just died for the country. The rumours of imminent war has spread & people are starting to hoard ration. Kang Tae Sang tells that President Seo Hye Rim is the only woman who will rash to risk to do such heroic acts that she has push the country & the people to war, then President Seo Hye Rim must answer to her responsibilities.

Meanwhile in China, President Seo Hye Rim asked whether Chinese President will render rescue effort on the submarine crew as the Chinese President shakes his head. President Seo Hye Rim orders his Arms Force Chief to sent South Korean Military to come to Chinese water for the rescue efforts. Arms Forces Chief acknowledge the orders. The Chinese President is upset that President Seo Hye Rim wants to announce the engagement of war between their 2 countries. President Seo Hye Rim tells that this incident is merely a South Korean matter but the Chinese will also experience the same similar incident in due course. As a friendly alliance, countries must come forward to help each other, since China is a great country, it should show some greatness in their attitude. The Chinese President informs his Chinese Arms Force Chief & orders that if the South Korean Navy comes an inch to their territories water, they will strike to destroy. The Chinese Arms Forces Chief acknowledged the Chinese President’s orders.

President Seo Hye Rim tells in exchange for Chinese help, President Seo Hye Rim tells that she will stay in China whether as a guest or as hostage, or as to die as a victim of war. President Seo Hye Rim swore she will not leave this place a step until all the submarine crews are rescued.

Navy & Air force in full deployment as they race to rescue the submarine crew.

The submarine is now taking water to their chest as the Captain tell his crew in his last farewell & thanked them for their service, it is his honour to have their service & tells that the country will not forget their sacrifice then tells to sing the Navy Song before they go down with the ship, while they were singing, they hear knocks on the submarine as the Captain asked them to stop singing then listen to the knock again as he asked the crew to return the signal as they realise it is the rescue efforts as the signal return, all crew shouts for joy for being rescue.

The reporter reports that after a joint rescue operation between South Korea & China, they manage to rescue all crew members alive with some minor injury but all are well & alive. The submarine crew surface at the waters. Chinese President & President Seo Hye Rim drinking champagne to celebrate the succes.

President Seo Hye Rim return to Korea as in the rain, crowds line up to waves at her. President Seo Hye Rim pass by the National Assembly Building as Kang Tae San announce to National Assembly that President Seo Hye Rim being rash & reckless in her gungho heroic tactics that has become a disgrace in diplomatic relationship then jeopardise the country & people’s security by nearly raging the country into war, declares that the ruling party Min Woo Dang in the National Assembly goes to impeach the President Seo Hye Rim for improper conduct as President.

President Seo Hye Rim waves to the citizen who line up as she waves at them, then gets a call on her phone telling about her impeachment by the ruling party at the National Assembly. President Seo Hye Rim is surprise that she has been impeached.

Time goes back to some years as Ha Do Ya is a dancing host partner in a dance hall where doing various ballroom dancing from waltz to rumba then taking his client to the dance floor as he thrills his client with his dancing. Then Ha Bong Do who is Ha Do Ya’s father comes to “raid” on his son, as Ha Do ya is shocked to see that he was dancing with his father then he grabs his son for being in this kind of establishment then Ha Bong Do recognise the client as a Nurse in a nearby hospital as she left embarrassingly. Ha Bong Do holds his son by his crouch & tell that he will have to teach him a lesson.

Ha Bong Do takes his son back to his restaurant & threaten to castrated his son & call his son to hold his son down while he castrate his son as he threaten to axe his son’s manhood. Ha Bong Dan tells the doesn’t need descendant as he frown on his son’s qualities. Ha Do Ya managed to escape with his zipper down as Ha Bong Do orders pursuit & chasing on the streets threatening to axed his son’s manhood then Ha Do Ya managed to escape from his father by going up on a bus. Ha Bong Do tells that his son doesn’t study the least he must learn a skill to make a living & tells that his son is useless.

Ha Do Ya on the bus, Seo Hye Rim was one of the passengers as she is rehearsing her lines for a interview as an announcer. Seo Hye Rom decided to give up her sit for an elderly lady as one of the ruffian decides to molest her on her ass, all this was witness by Ha Do Ya. Seo Hye Rim realise that someone is touching her ass. Seo Hye Rim grabs the ruffian hand & asked where is his hand was touching as he claim innocence. Then asked Seo Hye Rim to let him go then Seo Hye Rim tells that ruffian doesn’t admits his wrongdoing where she cries foul & call the bus to drive her to the nearest police station as she will report this incident to the police.

Ha Do Ya came to the police station as witness as the police recognise him as frequent visitors. He reprimand that a High school student don’t study & goes around in making mischief as Ha Do Ya explains to the police as a eye witness. The police asked Seo Hye Rim identification as he finds that she is going to be an Announcer in HBS then the police caution the ruffian who tells that it is a misunderstanding as the bus was crowded that it was an accident. Ha Do Ya rebuke the ruffian that none of that happened as he saw with his eyes that the ruffian press Seo Hye Rim’s ass like cakes. One of the police recognise the ruffian as Kim Chul Yu then whisper to the investigating police that the ruffian’s father is Mr…So & so.

After making the report at the police station, Seo Hye Rim thanked Ha Do Ya for acting as eye witness or else the ruffian will not acknowledge his wrongdoing. Seo Hye Rim carries a dialect. Ha Do Ya also have a dialect as he look at his watch to tell that Seo Hye Rim should hasten that she will miss the last bus then shout that he is really hot. Seo Hye Rim realise the time then runs to the bus station to buy a ticket to Seoul only to be inform that the last bus left 10 mins ago. Seo Hye Rim in shocked that what is she going to do, tomorrow is her interview at the broadcast station.

Ha Do Ya comes with his bike to the bus station as he tells Seo Hye Rim there is another bus going to Seoul in Namseong station then Seo Hye Rim tries to called for taxis. Ha Do ya tells that if she goes on the taxi, she will be also late then asked whether Seo Hye Rim doesn’t want to go for her interview then ha Do ya offer his pillar seat for Seo Hye Rim to hop on. Seo Hye Rim wanted to seat side wards but Ha Do Ya tells that she needs to sit across as she tells that she is wearing skirt. Ha Do Ya offers her a track bottom where she could smell a stench & force herself to wear the track bottom.

Ha Do Ya could see from his bike mirror that there is some unwanted company in the form of the ruffian & his bike gang then asked Seo Hye Rim to hurry to get on the bike, pass her a helmet then tighten her grip around him & tells that if she doesn’t do this, she will fly off & rides off, giving Seo Hye Rim a horror ride across town then managed to lose the ruffian & the bike gang at a train crossing. Ha Do Ya sent Seo Hye Rim to Namseong station as she couldn’t get his bike fast enough as Ha Do ya looks at his watch telling there is still 10 mins to spare. Seo Hye Rim asked that Ha Do Ya don’t feel cold as she has nasal discharge from her nose & inform she accidently wipe it on his jacket. Seo Hye Rim asked whether Ha Do Ya was out to kill her with that horror ride. 

Ha Do Ya brushes that Seo Hye Rim actually enjoy the ride then takes the helmet off her & wish her success in her interview. Seo Hye Rim asked Ha Do Ya for his name. Ha Do Ya tells that his name is Ha Do Ya as Seo Hye Rim find his name odd & tells that he was a child dancing talent that went on tv, didn’t she see him on tv. Seo Hye Rim apologise & tells that she didn’t see him on tv. Seo Hye Rim tells that she can see that ha Do Ya is a fine disposition & asked him not to lead his life in this manner. Ha Do Ya tells not to waste her breath on teaching about life. As Ha Do Ya leave the station, Seo Hye Rim makes a remark that Ha Do Ya the high school drop out.

Ha Do Ya has to deal with the ruffian who caught up with him then decided to settle their difference at the bridge. As the ruffian father is the member of the National Assembly versus Ha Do Ya who father run a beef stew for a living. Ha Do Ya asked for a one to one fight to settle score as the ruffian agrees as Ha Do Ya tells that if he lose, don’t go crying to his father. Ruffian has a few free punches then Ha Do Ya take over then ruffian asked his gang to take on Ha Do ya who tells that it is not fair as he ward them away with his helmet then telling he will not play fair either, grabs the ruffian & jumps off the bridge with him.

Seo Hye Rim goes for her audition at the broadcast station as the Son Bon Sik is impress with Seo Hye Rim performance.

The ruffian father who is the Legislator Kim comes by the police station then asked who batter his son like this as he accuse Ha Do Ya who tells that his son was the person who initially provoke the fight then swear at Ha Do Ya from being a bastard which Ha Do Ya was offended by the remark & insist that his son provoke the fight. Then when to assault Ha Do Ya where Ha Bong Do tries to protect his son from being hit. Legislator Kim tells his secretary to charge Ha Do Ya for man slaughter. Ha Bong Do tells Legislator Kim that it is just 2 boys having a fight, how can he charge Ha Do Ya for man slaughter. The police tells that the bridge was 7 metres high & to be push off the bridge into the water can be justified as man slaughter.

Ha Do Ya tells even if that justified, they can destroy a young man’s future then Ha Dong Ya asked Legislator Kim absolution for his son. Legislator Kim tells that his son is indeed going to prison & belittle Ha Do Ya by telling his father what is Ha Do Ya made of, even ha Do Ya a son of a beef stew owner, if he goes to University, will not make anything out of his life. Ha Bong Do tells that that Legislator Lee is overboard with his remarks & tells that Ha Do Ya’s mother died early & didn’t have the proper guidance then assures Legislator Kim that he will give his son a proper upbringing then asked Legislator Kim to give his chance a 2nd chance. Legislator Kim tells that he will let matter go, if Ha Do Ya kneels before him & lick his shoes. Ha Do Yo is offended by his father decided to that on his son behalf to stoop low to lick Legislator Kim as Ha Do Ya watches painful that his father is force to degrade himself in such submission. Ha Do Ya stare at Legislator Kim telling that father needs to pay for their son’s sins.

While at the restaurant during chores, Ha Do Ya asked if they want defeat a Legislator, what must they do. One of the staff tells Ha Do Ya to become a Public Prosecutor, attend & graduate from law school then take the bar exam, then they tell that it is a bar examination is difficult to passed out from. Ha Bong Do tells his son that with his kind of brains, don’t even aspire to think about becoming a Public Prosecutor, just concentrate of making beef stew to follow his father’s footstep to make beef stew for the rest of his life.

Ha Do Ya then goes to take an axe & storm out as Ha Bong Do chase to asked his son what he want to do with the axe as the staff tells maybe Ha Do Ya wants to chop Legislator Kim Tae Bong’s head. Ha Do Ya swore that he will become a Public Prosecutor that he will revenge his father’s belittlement by Kim Tae Bong as Ha Do ya threaten to castrate himself as Ha Bong Do & his staff stops Ha Do Ya.

Seo Hye Rim after her training gets to work as a newscaster anchor for the 6 pm news after Son Bon Sik recommendation. The Editor agrees that Seo Hye Rim has good appearance with a decent voice. Son Bon Sik tells that she is now place 6 pm news but see no problem if she gets promoted to read the 9 pm news.

Seo Hye Rim falters on her 1st anchor assignment as she develops hiccups from anxiety. Son Bon Sik has to take over the news reading. Son Bon Sik reprimand Seo Hye Rim that he has to carry the news broadcast all by himself. Seo Hye Rim apologise that when she gets anxiety, she will have hiccups. Son Bon Sik tells that this is fine, he will sent her out to the field on a helicopter as she freeze in her fear of heights (acrophobia) & fumbles her news report & faints.

Son Bin Sik is appalled to learns Seo Hye Rim suffer from acrophobia. So Bon Sik tells that Seo Hye Rim really has the ability to know how to make his blood pressure rise in rage. Seo Hye Rim apologise that she thought her acrophobia is severe. So Bon Sik sends Seo Hye Rim back to training then asked her not to step her foot to enter news broadcasting again & leave in a huff.

Acrophobia is defined as a fear of heights. But there is also another phobia aerophobia, which is the fear of flying, as well as other similar specific phobias, because this fear is more generalized. Depending on the phobia’s severity, an acrophobic person may equally fear being on a high floor of a building, climbing a ladder and any other activity that involves being at height.

Seo Hye Rim gets a spot as a host of a Children programme then she fumbles on her coordination & reprimand by the Floor Director. One of the cameraman Bang Min Guk comes to see Seo Hye Rim sobbing during the break as he hand her his handkerchief & tells Seo Hye Rim to relax as many newcomers all suffer the same rebukes. Bang Min Guk teaches her a few pointers about her sense of direction. Seo Hye Rim realise her mistakes as Bang Min Guk asked whether she is certain as she assures him. After the break, Seo Hye Rim was better with her coordination, much to the pleasure of Bang Min Guk.

Meanwhile Ha Do Ya studies for his bar exams, using Seo Hye Rim as his mentor, telling that if he succeed in passing his bar exams, he will come to the broadcast station to find her. Ha Bong Do comes to pay his son a visit with food then express his pride in his son taking the bar exams. Then Ha Do Ya goes to see the newspaper that published that he has passed the bar exams as he shouts for his father in victory then shouts Seo Hye Rim that he passed his bar exams.

Ha Do Yan waits outside the HBC broadcast station with his results then seeing Seo Hye Rim comes out but run to grab Bang Min Guk’s arms then with some disappointment as Seo Hye Rim address Bang Min Guk as husband. Seo Hye Rim & Bang Min Guk passes Ha Do Ya nut somehow Seo Hye Rim sense Ha Do Ya’s presence & turns around then instantly recognise Ha Do Ya

Seo Hye Rim: Oh! Perhaps by chance you are Ha…..

Ha Do Ya: Hello!…I have a friend who is a PD in the station…I came to see him

Seo Hye Rim: Is it….Min Guk….this is my friend from my hometown….a junior…what is his name called…Ha….

Ha Do Ya: How are you….I am Ha Do Ya

Seo Hye Rim: That is correct…your name is Ha Do Ya….Do Ya…this is the person I married…Bang Min Guk

Bang Min Guk greets Ha Do Ya

Bang Min Guk: How are you…I am Bang Min Guk

Seo Hye Rim: It will be nice, if we can have a meal together but you need to see a friend here…it is a pity…I owe you a lot of favours in the past, then the next time we will have a meal together…Goodbye

Ha Do Ya looks at his result sheet & crumbles the paper then leaves

Some time past. Ha Do Ya swimming laps in the pool with his well physic body as he leaves the pool to get dress then being lead to a dance club then Ha Do Ya tells that this is the club best male escort as the rich ladies glare in excitement as the male escort introduce their talent. Ha Do Ya introduce that he called “ribbed abs” as the ladies what to see his ware as he take off his shirt to show his chisel abdominal muscles sending the ladies into excitement. One of the ladies pick Ha Do Ya then paid his whole night rates as she is so tipsy drunk for a night out as the lady tells he must show her a fine time, as Ha Do Ya will guarantee she will.

The next day, the tipsy ladies waits up in a office sofa with newspaper & her jacket s a blanket. As Ha Do Ya comes in to the office to wake up the tipsy lady & the tipsy lady asked where is she as Ha Do Ya introduce that she is now in the Public Prosecutor office. Ha Do Ya introduce the tipsy lady that he is Public Prosecutor & that he is an undercover male escort then tells that the tipsy lady that she has committed an offence as she is horrified to find herself in the Public Prosecutor office then Ha Do Ya goes through the law on the code & section for her offence on prison sentence & fines. The tipsy lady is the wife of a legislator Oh Jae Bong who is now being reprimanded by the Speaker of the house who rebuke for not able to control his wife’s action.

The Chief Public Prosecutor gets a call to sweep in under the carpet as he assures that he will do so. Chief Public Prosecutor goes to see Ha Do Ya at the roof top who praise for his well done effort. Chief Public Prosecutor concurs with Ha Do Ya’s undercover but then Ha Do Ya need to tone down his effort.

Seo Hye Rim is still host of the children show then the staff tells that Seo Hye Rim was a reject from the news department due to her anxiety attacks of hiccups. Son Bin Sik discussing in sending Bang Min Guk to Afghanistan for live reporting, how successful was the reporting in Iraq in a war torn zone. Bang Min Guk concern about the safe security in Afghanistan. Son Bon Sik asked Bang Min Guk to use his own initiative to determine what is safe in Afghanistan for new coverage. Seo Hye Rim at home telling why the broadcast station have to see him to Afghanistan who is seen so peril in situation. Seo Hye Rim packing for her husband for his Afghanistan trip then find a credit card chit for 370,000 from a sporting shop as Bang Min Guk promise he will fix the shower when he returns then Seo Hye Rim queries on the story about credit card chit & tells he has bought another badminton racket. Seo Hye Rim told that her husband bought one last month & he is buying another this month then interrogate why he need to buy badminton racket every month & kick his shin to tell him that he want to be a competitor. Bang Min Guk tells that his racket was bend after a collision then next month they are having intercompany sports competition that he needs to prepare the games with better equipment that he doesn’t need to explain to Seo Hye Rim over & over again. Seo Hye Rim queries about the bank interest on the credit cards & tells that their living expenses is on the bare minimum that they don’t even eat local produce cabbage but North Korean cabbage. Bang Min Guk avoid the confrontation & fled.

Seo Hye Rim giving her husband the cold war treatment as Bang Min Guk tells his son that he is off for an overseas assignment then asked his son for a kiss as his son bid him goodbye. Bang Min Guk tells that her husband is leaving, the leave to acknowledge a goodbye from her. Seo Hye Rim just brush in gestures as he leaves for an airport stop & Seo Hye Rim drives off. Bang Min Guk realise that he has really upset his wife over the purchase badminton racket on how is he going to pacify his wife.

Ha Do Ya asked his father not to send him anymore food packages that he has yet to finished the last batch as Ha Bong Do tells that his son needs to be Chief Public Prosecutor & must be straight lace & not to take bribes & tells his son he will sell beef stew to upkeep his son living expenses then to remind to look after his subordinates so that they will not tarnish his image.

Ha Do Ya in the club singing his heart out at the karaoke with row of drink calls “bomb shot” with the Chief Public prosecutor as Oh Jae Bong comes into the room then as the Chief Public prosecutor acknowledge Oh Jae Bong’s presence & introduce him to those in the room. Oh Jae Bong offers Ha Do Ya a drink but decided to do a love shot with the club hostess. Oh Jae Bong tells directly that the case that involves the male escort the person that was apprehended is his wife as Oh Jae Bong paints a pitiful picture that his marriage is leading to a divorce & it will harmed his children if their parents goes through a divorce then asked whether Ha Do Ya can dropped charges against his wife. Ha Do Ya tells that compare to his children that it will harm Oh Jae Bong’s political career. Oh Jae Bong thanked Ha Do Yan for his understanding as he offer Ha Do Ya a peace drink where Ha Do Ya drinks up then leaves the room. Ha Do Ya asked what is the expenses for their room as it came out to the total of 3.6 million won. Ha Do Ya only pay his share & asked to swipe for 600,000 then as the club hostess asked for extra time from Ha Do Ya who obliged.

Poktanju or bomb shot is literally a mixed drink of one shot of Soju toss into a pint of beer. There is another with the reverse content called Suso poktanju, the “hydrogen bomb,” involves pouring a shot glass of draft beer into a pint of soju. I prefer the Irish Car bomb which is Irish Stout or Irish Cream with Irish whiske.

HBC reporting from Afghanistan as Bang Min Guk hold the camera as they leave the scene on their jeep, some truck comes behind them to take them as hostage then fire at their jeep. Bang Min Guk dicks for cover. Seo Hye Rim doing a radio show then the producer comes in panic as Seo Hye Rim asked what is the matter that she looks so frantic. The producer tells about Bang Min Guk being kidnap as hostage in Afghanistan. Seo Hye Rim can only utter “Huh!” at the news.

Son Bon Sik is upset that they are using civilian to negotiate. Seo Hye Rim asked what is the US Army doing as Son Bon Sik tells that they still waiting for answers then assures Seo Hye Rim that he will do his utmost best to bring Bang Min Guk back to Korea. Seo Hye Rim knees goes weak as she collapse to the floor.

Ha Do ya having a fine time with the club hostess although he insist to see whether the club hostess was at the eligible age when he hears the kidnap of Bang Min Guk in Afghanistan on the news tv seeing Seo Hye Rim pleading to South Korean government to help her husband as ha Do Ya pushes the club hostess away to listen to Seo Hye Rim pleading on tv.

Jang Se Jin on the plane back to South Korea as she open the blinds & the ray of sunlight hits on Kang Tae San who sits beside her. Kang Tae San tells are they arriving to South Korea soon as Jang Se Jin acknowledged that they will. Jang Se Jin is curious to look out of the plane. Jang Se Jin is bringing her mother’s ashes back to South Korea telling that she & her mother is returning to Korea for the 1st time since they left. Jang Se Jin wanted to close the blind but Kang Tae San asked her to keep it open as he sure her mother will like to see South Korean airspace. Jang Se Jin tells thanked that she has causes him inconvenience. Kang Tae San tells that he was sleeping the whole journey & deem disrespect to her late mother. Jang Se Jin tells that her mother never wanted to return to Korea when she was alive. When her mother died, it was her who force her mother to return to Korea. Kang Tae San tells that he don’t know what reason for that but he hope that Jang Se Jin can find a good resting place for her mother. Jang Se Jin nods in acknowledgment.

On arrival, Kang Tae San is stop by the press as Jang Se Jin passes him by as the reporter asked him about the Korean Journalist kidnap situation in Afghanistan as Kang Tae San tells that it not the government decision to send Korean national to war torn country as it was done on private basics. The Editor of the broadcast asked about US reaction to the matter. Son Bon Sik tells that Cheon Wa Dae is speaking to the US counterpart on the matter.

President Baek Seong Min tells that the hostage crisis is now a week old then asked what is the US government stand on the matter, as the US Ambassador tells that US has not change its mindset that they will not negotiate with terrorist. President Baek Seong Min tells because of US lead UN peacekeeper force in Afghanistan that they have sent South Korean troops for active service & now that the terrorist has kidnap one of their national that the US are not doing a thing about the matter. Then the President staff came that the Japanese journalist that was with Bang Min Guk has been set free after the Japanese negotiated for the release of its citizen. President Baek Seong Min tells that see that the Japanese has negotiate the release of its national. President Baek Seong Min will take this matter into their own hands to resolves the issue. The US Ambassador tell that the terrorist release the Japanese hostage is to destroy the alliance of South Korean & US.

Kang Tae San queries the President staff when are they going to see the release of the Japanese hostage & have to adhere to what US view & opinion about South Korean foreign policy. Seo Hye Rim is upset that everybody is having their hand tied & not taking any action for the release of her husband & resort in appease him with Journalist awards. The editor tells Seo Hye Rim to wait as Seo Hye Rim tells that she has lost his patience & that they wish to see that her husband get killed in this ordeal for a wake up call, as Seo Hye Rim makes a fuss that everyone in the company & the government is asking her to wait then in her commotion, Son Bon Sik has to call security to throw out Seo Hye Rim out from the room as she struggles her restrain that she will not wait any longer.

Bang Min Guk looks at his family picture in the Taliban hideout where he is kept hostage.

Ha Do Ya gives his conviction on Oh Jae Bong’s wife on the count of Noblesse Oblige giving community time of one year. The Chief Public prosecutor has to swallow his pride over Ha Do Ya handling of the case that give him a stiff neck.

Noblesse Oblige is the act of benevolent, honourable behaviour considered to be the responsibility of persons of high birth or rank.

Seo Hye Rim doing her children show went she glances at the news report that tells that the Taliban has killed her husband then she collapse into faint as the production staff goes to her aide.

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