Sunday, October 10, 2010

Preview Daemul Episode 2

Preview Daemul Episode 2

Seo Hye Rim at her husband funeral

Seo Hye Rim: Return my husband’s life to me…return my husband’s life

Seo Hye Rim in her radio show

Seo Hye Rim: is it a sin to have born in this country?…Are we citizen of a sovereign country?

President Baek Seon Min looks out from his office

Ha Do Ya knocks at Jang Se Jin’s car screen as she an accident

Jang Se Jin: What a lousy & run down car like that you demands 1 million in damages

Ha Do Ya: In which perspective of yours that you say that my car is lousy run down

Kang tae Sang in his office appalled

Kang Tae San; This country is really changing…Public Prosecutor that goes to become a male escort

Ha Do Ya looking at Seo Hye Rim photo

Jang Se Jin grabs Ha Do Ya & kiss him profusely

Jang Se Jin: As a public prosecutor that you dare abuse your office of power

Jang Se Jin in Blue House

Jang Se Jin: The man who has force my mother & I to the US….

Madam Min: What is it that you need to know that for…do you wish to seek revenge

Kang Seong Jo looking out the window

Jang Se Jin with Kang Tae San

Ha Do Ya packing his table

Ha Do Ya: If you have any free time, please contact me…don’t be polite…I definitely treat you to raw fish

Kang Seong Jo has someone on his knees

Kang Seong Jo: I thought that you are someone that would be righteous in our part

Kang Tae San comes in to his father office

Kang Tae San: They are bunch of rubbish

Seo Hye Rim sleeping as her son is asked not to disturb

Seo Hye Rim: What is this…..

Seo Hye Rim doing a one man protests against the government in the rain

Seo Hye Rim: What is this country….how can I comes to understand.

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